QSLs are available in 2 Ways

If you choose Paypal:

1. send your Contribution to strullimann@freenet.de
2. send me a E-Mail (same adress) with QSO Details and Callsign
(necessary as Paypal sometimes dont show Info Text/Comment Field)
3. Contribution is standard 2€ or $ for max. 3 QSLs ! 4€ or $ for 6 and so on
4. !!! NO IRC´s !!! 
5. use Friends/Family option only!

If you use Postal QSL Exchange:

QSL Adress:

Sven Philipp
01454 Radeberg

1. NO CALLSIGNS on Envelople ! QSLs with any Call on will not be answered.
2. Please send a SAE (self adressed Envelople) or Adress Sticker
3. Contribution is standard 1€ or 2$ for mx 3 QSLs ! 2€ or 4$ for 6 and so on.

Please always remember.... on Postal Way QSLs can get lost.
If you dont receive your QSL after more then 6 Months, feel free to send me a E-Mail.
No need to get angry or offencive, all Problems can be solved.